Elbe cycle route in Magdeburg

The Elbe Cycle Route is the most popular cycle route in Germany. 1,300 kilometres full of surprises, close to the water, sometimes mysterious, sometimes urban, sometimes rural. Go on a journey of discovery.

Nature on the Elbe Cycle Route

The Elbe is a Central European river that has its source in the Czech Republic and flows through Germany before finally flowing into the North Sea. Among the most famous waters in its catchment area are the Moldau, the Saale, the Havel with the Spree and the Müritz. Its upper reaches are characterised by the low mountain ranges. It follows the course of two glacial valleys of the North German Plain.

Magdeburg lies on the middle Elbe – this is what the Elbe calls the lowland river. The North German Basin is a large landscape area in Germany, bordered in the north by the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and in the south by the Central European low mountain range. The Elbe is still one of the few natural rivers in Europe. The Elbe cycle route does not always follow the course of the river directly.

Instead, sometimes the route leads through rocky landscapes, meadows and extensive alluvial forests, which are habitats for rare animal and plant species. Take the opportunity and plan a tour along the Elbe Cycle route. The perfect opportunity to strengthen the collective and combine business and nature during your conference.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

As an UNESCO protected area, this area covers about 400 kilometres along the Elbe. From Saxony-Anhalt through Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Schleswig-Holstein. From the rich bird life of the Elbe valley floodplains, the densely wooded nature reserve near Lauenburg, the nature-loving cultural landscape “Altes Land” to the Wadden Sea National Park. There is a lot for you and your colleagues to discover and enjoy.

At the end of your journey and perhaps also of your Elbe cycle tour, the Elbe flows through the Wadden Sea into the North Sea near Cuxhaven. From the Giant Mountains the Elbe river rises out of the mountains and completes its journey into the sea.

Are you planning an activity programme for your participants? You don’t have to tackle the entire route right away. The Elbe cycle route near Magdeburg is also a great way to explore the region as a milestone destination.

Fringe programmes in Magdeburg

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